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We are kompasbank. We are here to help small and medium-sized companies achieve their full potential through access to business financing, better advisory services, and digital solutions.

Fremtidens erhvervsbank til SMV’er | kompasbank


Financing with kompasbank

0.5 to 25M

Fast processing time and tailored solutions

Erhvervsbank til små og mellemstore virksomheder | kompasbank

Business financing

A digital business bank for small and medium-sized enterprises

With kompasbank, you get a different and digital business bank. A bank that understands that businesses are different and have different needs. A bank that customizes solutions and has time for you.

At kompasbank, we offer advice and business loans so you get the financing needed to help you realize your company's full potential. We don't require you to switch banks. Instead, we're happy to collaborate with your existing bank or business advisor, ensuring you always have the best foundation for the future.

kompasbank, the additional bank that moves your business forward!

En attraktiv opsparingsbank for private | kompasbank

Savings account

We're also an attractive bank for personal customers

Although our mission is to help SMEs unleash their full potential, we also offer private individuals an attractive interest rate on their savings with deposit insurance and no fees.

At kompasbank, as a personal customer, you can get more out of your money while contributing to growth in Denmark. Your deposits enable us to offer financing to small and medium-sized companies.

Right now, you can get an interest rate of up to 3.30% on a savings account with no fees and protected by the deposit guarantee.

Individuelt tilpasset finansiering | kompasbankFlexible and tailored business loans

We help businesses achieve their full potential by financing their growth plans. Our financing solutions are tailored to your company's needs and typically consist of business loans ranging from DKK 500,000 to DKK 25,000,000.

Få inspiration til digitaliseringen på navigator | kompasbankDigital marketplace that frees up time

kompasbank navigator is our digital B2B marketplace for small and medium-sized companies. Here, you gain access to over 80 partners within areas such as HR, sales, sustainability, administration, finance, and marketing.

At Kompasbank, we restructured our capital to reduce financing costs across the board. With the support of Kompasbank's financing, we accelerated the expansion of our school project, evolving from a boarding school to a combined free school and boarding school. Furthermore, Kompasbank's partnership has provided us with the agility to capitalize on unexpected opportunities.

Svend Andersen

Business Manager, Efterskolen Ådalen og Åskolen - Friskolen i Hørning

We have experienced tremendous value from both the financial support and the advisory services provided by kompasbank. Not only have we been able to launch several successful initiatives, but we have also gained valuable insights for advancing our business. Jeppe, in particular, made noteworthy contributions during a strategy meeting by offering specific suggestions, which we are currently putting into action.

Marinus Nielsen

CEO & Owner, Dansk Skruefundament ApS

It was evident that kompasbank understood our business and needs. The process from idea to meeting to an actual offer was speedy. It meant a lot to us at the time so we could reap the growth opportunities we had set in motion with our strategy.

Henrik Tøth Jensen

CEO and co-owner, FB Trading ApS

The collaboration with kompasbank has allowed us to keep up with developments and support our customers' growth. We must continue building and not just stand still, thinking we are world champions today.

Brian Bloch

CEO and owner, Vestjysk Rustfri Montage

kompasbank was extremely competent. They quickly understood what kind of company we are, our needs, and our unique characteristics, and then put together a great financing offer for us.

Thomas Slivsgaard

Director, founder and co-owner, Converdan A/S

When climbing grows as quickly as it does, it demands a lot from us. Right now, kompasbank is helping us with the first significant growth spurt, but at some point, we will reach a threshold to manage on our own. And that is what the entire collaboration is about. The sky is the limit, and they are ready to help us.

Martin Petersen

CEO, Boulders ApS

In addition to meeting our financing needs, we had an excellent conversation with Patrick, our advisor from kompasbank. He understood our business and asked very relevant questions that we hadn’t been asked before. He provided concrete advice on how to elevate our company to a new level and undoubtedly pushed us in the right direction.

Christoffer Hartung Roslyng


With kompasbank, we received a good and long-term financing package that improved our liquidity and strengthened our growth opportunities in the future. The process with kompasbank has been excellent; it was handled professionally and with the speed we needed.

Martin Kragh

CEO, Nito A/S

Now, we have reached a point where we need additional capital for a better take-off. It turned out that kompasbank was a perfect fit. They are focused on SMEs and providing financing built on top of the bank financing I already had.

Palle Ejlskov

CEO and founder, Ejlskov A/S

Our advisor, Patrick, came out to see us in Ballerup. He arrived well-prepared and had a deep understanding of our business. He asked the right questions and advised us from day one. Just two weeks after the meeting, the loan was disbursed, and afterward, Patrick called us to ensure everything was as it should be. I have yet to experience similar quality, speed, and proactivity elsewhere. They must be Denmark's fastest business bank.

Claus Sørensen

Chief Financial Officer, Fitness & Healthcare Group

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